The Open Science Network in Ethnobiology is composed primarily of faculty members and students who are interested in sharing curriculum resources and strengthening the discipline of ethnobiology. We are all volunteers.

We welcome your participation and hope you will consider joining the Network. There are several benefits for joining OSN:

OSN leads by creating networks. This includes virtual and in-person networks for ethnobiologists from different disciplines and places.
–OSN benefits beginning and established faculty. We do this through our networks and specifically by sharing curricula, experiences and information.
OSN promotes ethnobiology. By considering ethnobiology as the “science of survival’, OSN hopes to make others aware of the importance of this science.

Membership Information

If you would like to become an official member of the Open Science Network. Please complete an on-line application. If you have any questions regarding membership, please contact us at


The following are our Annual dues in ($USD):


Membership Category          Dues
Professional                                  $15

Institutional                                  $79