The Botany Department offers a graduate study track in ethnobotany for M.S. and Ph.D. students. The following is a partial discussion of the program possibilities at UH.

Graduate students admitted to UH may study ethnobotany in any department with faculty members interested in supporting their studies and research. Currently most ethnobotany students are in the departments of Anthropology, Botany and Geography. Applications are separate for each department through the graduate school and admission to one does not imply admission to all.

Prior to admission to the graduate school and acceptance into one of the instructional departments, a student should contact prospective departments and faculty members in order to learn more about each faculty member. Successful students are most often those who have taken the time to explore the university courses, faculty and research opportunities with selection of one or more potential faculty advisors, prior to submission of their graduate school applications.

Expectations of a graduate program vary significantly between departments and between faculty members and graduate committees in each department. Since ethnobotany is a multi-disciplinary field, greater course work and training loads should be expected. Students usually need to complete advanced courses in both biological and social sciences as well as acquiring additional language skills.

University of Hawai`i at Manoa Ethnobotany Program