Modern ethnobotanical field research project design, execution, data analysis, and documentation methods. Intended for students preparing to conduct field research studies.

Quantitative Ethnobotany is intended to provide students (mainly graduate students) with knowledge of the current field methods used in studies of cultural uses of plants. There are far too many techniques that are used in this branch of science to cover in a single semester. As a result, the strategy of this course is to develop strategies and habits that encourage the self-discover and mastery of appropriate techniques.

The course activities involve learning about the methods through practical exercises, critical examinations of recent literature and writing comprehensive guides to specific methods. Quantitative methods which produce reproducible results will be emphasized. Traditional qualitative methods will be described and discussed as they are useful in initial ethnobotanical studies.

The ethics of research practice and application of research results will be emphasized throughout the course. Special attention will be given to the presentation of research results in ways that are appropriate to professional practices.

Quantitative Ethnobotany (Botany 640) Syllabus
Quantitative Ethnobotany (Botany 640) Alternate Syllabus