Finding and Using Videos

YouTube is a website for video-sharing. This site allows users to upload, share and view videos. Unregistered users can simply watch videos, however, registered users are authorized to upload an unlimited number of videos. YouTube has several tutorial videos on the homepage to assist any user!

A person can easily search for any video or topic. Simply click “Browse” to explore the videos available on YouTube. You can then choose to view your results under Videos, Music, Shows, Movies or Trailers. From there you can filter by your category of interest. Check out YouTube essentials to gain more information on how to improve your YouTube videos.

For advanced searchers, once you are on a category page, you can filter the results further by popularity and data range. You can even visit YouTube charts to see a ranked list of popular videos.

There is a section for trending keywords. Check the cloud at the bottom of the category page to see if it has what you are searching for.

YouTube Essentials

YouTube Charts

Placing Your Own Videos on YouTube
Simply upload a video file to YouTube from your computer, phone or webcam. Once you have uploaded the video, you can then customize the appearance of your channel. YouTube suggests that a user complete the settings and info sections for each video. You can then make the video private or public depending on the audience you wish to reach. One good suggestion is to make sure that the tags and descriptions that you use are appropriate and relevant.

You Tube Help Center

Adding YouTube Videos to your stuff

Embedding into PowerPoint

Embedding into Websites