The scientific journals that are published by the societies provide research results, book reviews and editorial discussions that relate to ethnobiology
Scientific Journals
Journals publish peer-reviewed articles on many facets of ethnobiology. Many of these journals are available free as on-line resources (i.e., open access).

Non-Governmental Organizations
Plants and People International (PPI)
PPI’s work is based on long-term involvement with local communities and responds to their needs and priorities. Our work is focused in several regions and is founded on mutual trust, in many cases built over decades. In addition:
  • Our long-term commitment allows us to respond to local needs in ways that are timely, effective and adaptive;
  • Our work bridges scales, linking people and communicating lessons and methods across different levels, from the local to the global;
  • We build on the complementary strengths of scientific and traditional knowledge;
  • We have a lean administrative base and minimal overhead, allowing almost 90% of funding to be used in the field.

People and Plants International is an independent non-profit that grew out of the People and Plants Initiative (1992-2004), a partnership between Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF), UNESCO, and the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew. [from the PPI website]

OSN Comments: The books and papers available through the PPI website are a very valuable resource