Ethnobiology is an exciting scientific discipline.  Most researchers do their research as field studies, whether these are in some remote part of the world or in a nearby urban enclave. Learn about some of these people by following these links

Ethnobiologist Biographies

Reading the results of ethnobiology research is always more interesting if you know something about the people who did the research. We’ve gleaned some information on some of ethnobiology’s more prominent researchers.

Isabella Abbott (Hawaiian ethnobotanist)
Michael Balick (ethnobotanist)
Brent Berlin (linguistic ethnbiologist)
Wade Davis (ethnobotanist)
James A. Duke (ethnobotanist)
Timothy A. Johns (ethnobotanist)
Gary Paul Nabhan (ethnobotanist)
Richard Evans Schultes (ethnobotanist)
Nancy Turner (ethnobotanist)

Video Stories

The following links are to video presentations which are related to ethnobiology.

Mike Balick

Wade Davis

La’ona DeWilde

James A. Duke

Mark Plotkin

Ina Vandebroek