The University of Saskatchewan, in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, is a public university founded in 1907.  It currently enrolls 16,590 undergraduate and 1,944 graduate students.


Biology Courses

Life in the North (Biology 312.2)
Provides students with a greater understanding of the complexity of important concepts and issues related to the land and environment of the North. The course focuses on the impacts of ecological and physical changes of northern ecosystems on the peoples. Emphasis is given to the challenges of sustainability of ecosystems in the Circumpolar North, and to the need for long-term and international stewardship

Plants and Human Affairs (Biology 324)
A consideration of economically important vascular plants, plant families, plant parts and products used as food, textiles and medicines. The origin, history and domestication of plants and major crops, diversification of crops and major centers of agriculture in the world and fundamental roles of plants in human societies are discussed.

Fungi Environment and People (Biology 342.3)
This class examines the role fungi have on human health, biotechnology, the environment, and agriculture after an introduction to fungal diversity, cell biology and development.


V.L. Harms
David Meyer;
Robin Marles (Biology and Anthropology)