The University of Oklahoma (OU) is a public educational institution located in Norman, OK that was founded in 1890.  Currently this institution has an enrollment of over 30,000 undergraduate and graduate students.


Economic Botany (BOT 3163, 3 credits)
A survey of plants and plant products used in industry, drug plants and drugs, and especially food plants and food adjuncts. Origin of agriculture, domestication and evolution of crop plants, and uses of plants in different cultures are emphasized.

People and Plants (ANTH 4103, 3 credits)
Prerequisite: 1113 or junior standing. Examines the direct relationships between people and plants, focusing on traditional peoples of the world. Topics include paleoethnobotany, folk classification, agriculture, hallucinogens and medicines. (Irreg.)

Paleoethnobotany (ANTH 5653, 3 credits)
The study of people and plants in the past. Discussion of types of anthropological questions that can be answered, the types of data studied, and the analytic approaches used. Emphasis will be on macroplant remains, mostly seeds and woods, and development of basic laboratory skills. Laboratory (Irreg.)

Native American Studies
OU also offers inter-disciplinary bachelor’s and master’s degree program in Native American Studies.

Research Methods in Native American Studies (NAS 3863)
Introduction to research methods emphasizing formulation of hypothesis, conceptualization of theory; elementary quantitative and qualitative sources of data and methods; and ethical standards in social and educational research.


Wayne Elisens (Botany Department);
Daniel Swan (Anthropology Department);