The University of Hawaii Maui College (UHMC) is located in Kahului, Maui. UHMC is a campus within the University of Hawaii educational system.  This is a 4 year public college with an enrollment of 3,000 students each semester.


Course Outlines

Hawaiian Ethnobotany (BOT 105/HWST 211, 3 credit hours)
Students explore plants and their influence upon the culture of Hawai‘i and the Pacific. Uses of cultivated and wild plants are examined. Students will also examine the many uses of Hawai’i’s flora by the indigenous people, learn how plants reveal the relationship of gods/plants/man, and connection between belief and practices with the intentional migration of specific plants.

Ma’awe: Hawaiian Fiber Arts (HWST 222, 3 credit hours)
Teaches Hawaiian cultural fiber arts. Involves the development of introductory fiber arts projects of Hawaiian cultural significance or ceremonial use. Practices proper protocols used in the procurement of materials needed to complete various fiber arts projects. Teaches related protocol and methods for gathering, Native Hawaiian gathering rights, and the type of environments in which specific materials grow and can be gathered. Develops the skills needed to work effectively and safely with various fiber arts materials on introductory projects and their cultural importance.Project-based activities of general Hawaiian cultural interest set by the instructor.

Hawaiian Field Biology (BIOL 105)
Surveys, in the classroom and on location, ecosystems from near-shore ocean waters to mountain top. Considers geological history, physical geography, and natural history. Discuss pre-Polynesian establishment of organisms, origins of endemic species, and the influences of human populations on island ecosystems.

Hawaiian Ethnobotany Lab (105L)


Kiope Raymond (Humanities/Hawaiian Studies);
Gwen Morinaga-Kama (Humanities/Hawaiian Studies);
Catherine Davenport (STEM/Biology);
Lisa Schattenburg-Raymond (Humanities/Hawaiian Studies);