Texas Christian University (TCU) is located in Ft. Worth, TX. There are more than 9,000 students at this institution. Note that there is a close collaboration between TCU and BRIT (Botanical Research Institute of Texas).


Course Catalog

Economic Botany (BIOL 30233)
The economic importance of plants for food, building, material, clothing, fuel, medicine, oils, dyes and other products.

Terrestrial Envirodiversity (ENSC 50213)
This field-intensive course introduces skills to describe the diversity of terrestrial life and landscapes. The curriculum introduces methods of sampling a site in terms of its macroinvertebrates, flora, vegetation, rocks, soils, and landforms. Collections of invertebrates and plants are required. Field skill instruction includes context description, emphasizing vegetation structure correlated with soils, geology, and landforms. The three field modules are terrestrial invertebrates, plant communities, and geology-landforms-soils description


School of Geology, Energy & the Environment (SGEE)


Glenn Kroh (g.kroh@tcu.edu)