Southern Connecticut State University is located in New Haven, CT. SCSU was originally founded as a teachers college in 1893. The university has a student enrollment of more than 12,000.


Course Catalog

Cultural Anthropology (ANT 101, 3 credits)
Study of living cultures, stressing such aspects of social organization as religion, economics, political behavior, language, kinship, and art. While the models used are primarily so-called traditional societies, efforts are directed toward the comparison of all types of cultures and societies existing in the world today.

Biological Anthropology (ANT 102, 3 credits)
Study of humans as bio-cultural organisms and our place in the animal kingdom. Human origins and the fossil record bearing on humankind’s evolution. Mechanisms of evolution with population genetics emphasized. Human variation (race) considered from an evolutionary perspective and the biological variability between and among modern populations.

Soc Sci Perspectives on Environment (ENV 400)
Investigation of major environmental issues as they relate to culture and other social structures.

The following courses are offered through the Institute for Tropical Ecology and Conservation (Panama)

Field Tropical Ethnobotany
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