San Diego State University (SDSU) was founded in 1897. It is located in San Diego, CA and currently enrolls approximately 25,000 undergraduate and 4,500 graduate students.


Economic Botany (Biol 460, 3 units)
Plants of agricultural, economic, and historical importance. Topics include basic plant morphology, anatomy, and taxonomy, plant genetics, agricultural breeding and propagation techniques, vegetables and fruits, spices and herbs, beverage plants, woods and plant fibers.

Plants Medicine & Drugs (BIOL 326)
Medicinal plants, toxic-poisonous plants, herbal medicines, psychoactive plants, preparation of medicines and mechanisms of action; current research results on medicinal plants and drugs used in diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and heart diseases.

Human Biocultural Origins (ANTH 101)
Humankind’s place in nature; fossil evidence for hominid evolution; evolutionary theory; racial, clinal and genetic variability; relationship of physical and cultural adaptations; the rise of civilization.

Dynamics of Biocultural Diversity (ANTH 402)
Interaction of biology and culture in human populations. Relating genetic and cultural processes to the changes in human populations over time.

Environmental and Ecological Anthropology (ANTH 510)
Ecological thinking in anthropology with focus on relationships between human environmental and ecological systems in tribal, peasant, and industrial societies. Cultural aspects of how and why human societies have maintained or undermined their ecosystems.

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