The Ohio State University was founded in 1870. The campus is in Columbus, OH. Approximatly 49,000 undergraduates and 15,000 graduate students are enrolled.


Ethnobotany (Arthrop 5614, 3 units)
Introduction to the anthropological study of human interactions with the plant world.

Ecology and Evolution of Plants and People (Eeob 4240, 2 units)
The botany and historical uses of economically important plants; topics include the major food, spice, medicinal, and industrial plants, and their domestication and cultural significance.

Introduction to Plant Biology I: Plants, People, and the Environment (PLNTBIO 101, 5 units)
Plants and their relationships to humans and the biosphere; plant structure and function, growth, and development; practical and economic uses of plants.
**Not currently offered

Introduction to Plant Biology II: Plants, People, and the Environment (PLNTBIO 102, 5 units)
Continuation of 101; plant genetics and biotechnology, diversity and evolution, and the importance of plants for the biosphere and for human survival.
**Not currently offered


Kristen J. Gremillion (Department of Anthropology) (