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Plant Biology Course Catalog

Plants and Civilization (PB 213, 3 credits, spring only)
Economic social, political, religious, and medical roles of plants and plant products in human civilization. Foods, beverages, drugs, fibers, oils, latexes, religious symbols and elements.

Medicinal Plants (PB 215, 3 credits, fall only)
Plants and their derived pharmaceuticals in Western medicine and in herbal medicine.

Plants in Folklore, Myth, and Religion (PB 219, 3 credits)
The structural and functional biology of plants and cultural inclusions in folklore, myth, and religion. The myth/religion-plant-human culture nexus. Mythical and religious themes covered, but not limited to, are: the world tree and cosmic order; plants and the creation of Earth; the unity of plants and divine entities; the tree of life; life-giving waters and human immortality; human descent from plants; origin of food plants from humans; plants of witchcraft and magic; psychoactive plants and access to deities; solidarity between humans and plants; death and resurrection of plants and humans.


De-yu Xie