Emory University is a private university in Atlanta, Georgia. Originally EU was founded in 1836 as Emory College in Oxford, Georgia. In 1915, the college moved to the metropolitan Atlanta and changed names.


Course Catalog (By department)

Botanical Medicine and Health (HLTH 440, 3 credit hours)
Mankind has long recognized that plants are extremely useful as a source of medicine. Medical traditions based on botanical drug sources can be found in all human cultures and date back to prehistory. In this course, both ancient and modern day botanical traditions across many cultures will be discussed as they pertain to medicine.

Food, Health and Society (HLTH 340, 3 credits)
Human health is intrinsically linked to dietary practices. Plants, in particular, may be used both as medicine and food, and it can often be difficult to draw a line between the two groups: food may be used as medicine and vice versa. The lens of ethnopharmacology can be used to gain an integrated biocultural perspective on foods, encompassing not only the substantive (or physical) qualities, but also the intangible (symbolic).

Evolutionary Medicine (ANT 334, 3 credits)
Biological and cultural adaptations to disease, the role of specific diseases in evolution, social epidemiological patterns related to culture, contemporary issues in disease control, and economic development. Considers a variety of diseases including malaria, tuberculosis, AIDS, and malnutrition.

Cultural Ecology (ANT 356, 3 credits)

Core Issues in Global Health (GHCS 300R, 3 credits)
Topics vary. This capstone seminar uses disease-specific case studies to demonstrate how global health problems are best understood from multiple perspectives. Course meetings are coordinated with ongoing programs in Rollins School of Public Health.

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Cassandra Quave
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Teach Ethnobotany Channel
This is a video library created by Dr. Cassandra Quave and shared through YouTube. One can find potential video content about ethnobiology that are posted by Dr. Quave and her students.