College of DuPage is a community college located within residential Glen Ellyn, Illinois. Approximate enrollment is 34,000 students.


Course Catalog

Ethnobotany (BOTANY 1310)
This course is designed to introduce students to the origins of many of the plants and plant products that are an important part of everyday life, and the ways that the development of different cultures has been influenced by plants throughout history. Topics covered include basic plant morphology, plant reproduction, origins of major agricultural crops, economically important plant products, and medicinal and poisonous plants. Designed for non-science majors and interested students. (3 lecture hours, 2 lab hours)

Environmental Biology (BIOLO 1110)
An interdisciplinary study of the environment investigating how nature works and how things are interconnected. Based on an understanding of ecological concepts and principles, students examine lifestyle issues and critically analyze the relationship among population, natural resources, land use, agriculture, biodiversity, industrialization and pollution. Environmental problems are examined from scientific, ethical, economic and sociological perspectives to enable students to understand the relevance of biology to contemporary issues in human society.


Lynda Randa