Brown University was founded in 1764 and is located in Providence, Rhode Island. There are currently about 6,000 undergraduates and 2,000 graduate students.


Botanical Roots of Modern Medicine (BIOL 0190E)
This course will explore a variety of medicinal plants found throughout the world, the diverse cultures that use them in their daily lives and the scientific underpinnings of their medicinal uses. In conjunction with readings, students will gain a hands-on approach in lab, observing, identifying and growing these plants. Freshman seminar. Instructor: Fred Jackson.

Integrative Medicine: From Alternative to Mainstream (BIOL 6514)
This course will introduce students to the world of CAM and place it into a framework of an Integrative medicine. Instructor: Robert Heffron

Plants, Food, and People (BIOL 0190H)
Examines plant structure, systematics, physiology, biochemistry, and genetics by focusing on crop plants, development of agriculture, and its effects on environment. Discusses biological principles of plant breeding and molecular and cellular approaches of agricultural biotechnology. Considers whether food can be produced for a world population of potentially 10 billion, while sustaining biodiversity and environmental quality. Instructor: Peter Heywood

The Burden of Disease in Developing Countries (PHP107)
The purpose of this course is to introduce students to the magnitude and complexity of the burdens of disease in developing countries and develop content and method competencies in global health. The course is interdisciplinary and defines and critically discusses environmental, epidemiologic, demographic, biomedical and anthropological perspectives on health and disease in developing countries. Instructor: Stephen McGarvey

Methods for Extraction and Analyzing Secondary Metabolites of Medicinal Plants (BIOL 0150C S01)
Plant secondary metabolites are currently the subject of much research interest when investigating new target compounds for potential medicine from natural products. Instructor: Fred Jackson.

Environmental Archaeology (ARCH 1870 S01)
How are our lives shaped by the environment around us? And, as scientists argue about whether or not we’ve entered a new age called “The Anthropocene”, how great an impact have humans really made on the environment, from prehistory right up until today?


Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

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Katherine Smith (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)
Fred Jackson (Director, Plant Environmental Center)
Robert Heffron (Family Medicine)
Peter Heywood (MCB, Biochemistry)
Stephen McGarvey (Professor of Community Health, Public Health)
Bonni O’Conner (Pediatrics)