Brigham Young University (BYU) was founded in 1875 and located in Provo, Utah. Currently, BYU is a public four year institution that has a total undergraduate student enrollment of 30, 409 with an additional 3,432 graduate students.


Course Catalog

Principles of Biology (BIO 100, 3 credits)
This is a general biology class taught for non-majors with an ethnobotany emphasis.

Cultural History of Medicinal Plants  (PWS 101, 3 credits)
A global perspective of how medicinal plants have shaped cultural history and how they are used to treat illness and disease. Issues relating to conservation, natural history, biodiversity, and cultural diversity.

Field Botany (BIO 235, 3 credits)
This course is taught in fall or spring of odd years. Students will develop recognition, characteristics and uses of common trees and shrubs.

Plant Classification and Identification (BIO 430, 4 credits)
General principles in taxonomy and classification, emphasizing family identification and use of keys to temperate floras.


Melinda Ostraff