The OSN Resource Index contains a number of different types of resources that are available on the Web. This helps ensure that the most recent versions of materials are available.

We are interested in continuing to grow this resource repository.  If you have any information you would like to share, please contact the OSN representatives.

We provide peer-reviewed modules that will increase the quality of ethnobiology instruction, as well as improve the efficiency in the development of instructional materials. The curriculum modules are each major content elements which are generally stand-alone units, such as video or PowerPoint presentations.

Some of the modules are organized into units that support a single course (e.g., all of the “lectures” for a course). Other modules stand alone and are used as a supplement for a course (e.g., a demonstration on how to dye cloth with natural products).

Lesson Plans
These are materials which provide detailed information about individual instructional units (e.g., topics included in a lecture, worksheets, laboratory instructions).

Course Syllabi
The materials in this section contain items which relate to a single course. This includes the topics which are covered, readings and related study materials. Note that these are for an entire course (e.g., Introduction to Ethnobotany).

This section of the website has listings of courses which make up a program (e.g., Ethnobotany Minor). There are quite a few kinds of programs. These listing provide ideas on how topics can be woven together into something more than a single course.

A list of institutions for which we have some evidence of ethnobiology instructional activities.

Other Resources
There are a number of resources available which will help us understand and use new technology, alternative instructional strategies, requirements for successful assessment and a host of other things. Look for these types of resources on this link.