Access Excellence Resource Center

  • Sponsor: National Health Museum
  • Mission: The AERC attempts to “network forum on which teachers can share their innovative teaching ideas and activities, accessing information, expert assistance, and the advice and experience of other teachers to create new ideas and best practices. “
  • Audience: K-12 teachers (biology & health sciences)
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Agriculture in the Classroom

  • Sponsor: US Department of Agriculture (USDA)
  • Mission:
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Amazon Conservation Team for kids
AAAS Atlas of Science Literacy

Ethnobotany: Sharing Native Plants

  • Sponsor: Boston Teachers Net
  • Mission:
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Biodiversity Counts!
  • Sponsor: American Museum of Natural History
  • Mission: The site has detailed lesson plans for teaching plant and arthropod biodiversity.  The main focus is to get kids grades 6-12 out in the field studying biodiversity and ecology.  To do so they have links for how to select a site to study, identification and collection of arthropods and plants, and the relationship and interactions between the two.  The site also has links to scientists in the field and interactive tools.
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Classrooms at Work; Tools at Hand

  • Sponsor: Education Northwest
  • Mission: This site provides four classroom projects that integrate technology into classes that engage students in project-based learning, one each at the primary, elementary, middle, and secondary K-12 level. The site provides videos and printouts for other teachers to use and adapt. The project is guided by two perspectives about integrating technology into the classroom: “Technology is integrated when it supports effective classroom practices recognized by school-improvement research. Technology integration provides the opportunity to change classroom practice with research-based improvement.”
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Educator Resources

  • Sponsor: Ecological Society of America (ESA)
  • Mission: K-12 Educator Resources, Find Teacher Resources, ESA Education Community
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National Science Education Standards

Science Education

  • Sponsor: National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS)
  • Mission: Materials for students and teachers, including Find Out What It’s Like to be a Scientist, Interactive Games, and Learn How You Get to be a Research Scientist.
PBS Teachers

  • Sponsor: Public Broadcasting System (PBS)
  • Mission: A multitude of resources for all classrooms from Pre-kindergarten through high school.  Access PBS videos, TV programs and exclusive web content.  Find also links to programs such as PBS TeacherLine and Peer Connection, both of which help with professional development needs. The site is organized into various sections, featuring the arts, health & fitness, math, reading & language arts, science and technology, and social studies by grade level. Within each, find classroom resources, initiatives, news, what’s new on the web page, professional development, webinars, discussions boards by topic, and activity packs (theme-based widgets).
    • See Also: My Journey Home: Immigrant and refuge issues. Explore the world of the children of immigrants and refugees as they face the difficult task of maintaining their old world traditions of their native culture while at the same time trying to figure out and fit in with modern American society.  Learn about the problems facing immigrants/refugees from Nigeria, Mexico and Vietnam coming to the United States.  Give students the opportunity to interview someone who has made a journey similar to the immigrates/refugees in the film.  Finally, allow students to to write creatively, including a “poem about a journey captured in fleeting images, a letter to one of the film’s subjects and a personal essay in which students reflect on where they feel and do not feel at home and why.” 
    • See Also: About All You Can Eat: Superfoods: Learn about one of mankind’s most enduring superfoods:  corn.  Perform a popcorn laboratory experiment as well as test the pH level of various fruits and vegetables.  Also, test your thriftiness and mathematical skills by finding the best buy on popcorn.