Furman University, founded in 1826, is a 750-acre campus located in Greenville, South Carolina. Furman is one of the nation’s premier undergraduate liberal arts colleges and an undergraduate population of 2662 students.


To Live and Let Dye (BIO 150)
Introduction to natural plant dyes. History of plant dyes, their usage and importance in culture along with the biology of pigments, fibers, and mordents as they interact to give a brilliant pallet of color. Exploration of plant dyes through investigative skills and personal creativity. May Experience ONLY.

Applied Plant Science (BIO 401)
Introduction to plant biology as it pertains to human society. Topics include: life cycles, structure/function relationships, and uses of plants in society. Emphasis on medicinally and economically important plants. Lab exercises reflect the importance of plants as sources of food, fiber, and medicine.

Nutrition (BIO 475)
Composition, chemistry, digestion, absorption, and metabolism of foods. Other topics include energy balance, food additives, food sensitivities, and the role of diet in development and disease. The animal nutrition topics meet the needs of pre-veterinary students.


Laura Thompson (Biology)